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If you are looking for a small, playful dog, then the French Bulldog is the right choice for you!  

French Bulldogs are the silliest dogs you can come across.  They are sweet and always ready to play.  And one unique thing about a French Bulldog is that they all are unique and come in different colors!

They are very cute and fun to play with.  If you are having a bad day, then have someone bring the frenchie in!  It has worked on us plenty of times.  They sometimes go in circles and start snorting like a pig!

French Bulldogs are very sensitive to the heat, so don't keep them in the sun all day.  If they start panting, I would suggest going inside in the air conditioned area.

French Bulldogs can also be pretty sensitive to the cold.  The good thing is that the French Bulldog shows if they are hot or cold easily.

I will never regret getting my French Bulldog.  One thing that I had no idea about when I got my French Bulldog was that they can't have a collar.  French Bulldogs have a different way of breathing, so a collar messes with the way they breath.  Instead of wearing a collar, lead them around with a harness; they work great.  

French Bulldogs make a lot of kids laugh.  If you had to choose a dog breed to join the circus, no joke - French Bulldogs!

French Bulldogs are about 12 inches tall at the shoulders.  Frenchies never get sick of playing!  You would never regret adding a French Bulldog to the family!

-Kennedy Cleveringa, age 11

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