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Meet Our Family

We love God.

We love each other.

We love our home, our animals, and the small piece of ground that the Lord has blessed us with.

Our family lives just outside of Orange City, Iowa, where we live on a hobby farm.  We enjoy raising many different animals, simply for the fun of it!  Every time you stop by to visit, we'll have new animals to show you.  We could have chickens, ducks, rabbits, goats, miniature horses, miniature cows, and so much more!  Animals bring much enjoyment and relaxation for us!  But it also helps us raise our children with old-fashioned values like hard work, responsibility, communication,  and rolling up our sleeves & getting our hands dirty.

That's why sharing puppies with families like yours is important to us!  


Brad started raising puppies when he was 13 years old, and it taught him all these qualities and more!  Our oldest girls (Morgan and Kennedy) grew up with a wonderful yellow lab named Kiahna, and after saying good-bye to her, we missed having a dog around.  When the idea of getting each girl their own puppy came up, they were thrilled!  Morgan loves Chloe and Kennedy cherishes Everest.  I'm sure when our younger kids (Taylor and Nolan) get bigger, we will get them a puppy, too!

Now that the big girls have their dogs, we hope that Chloe and Everest will be so much more than a beloved pet!  We hope it'll be an avenue for learning business skills and a great work ethic.  And while learning these valuable attributes, they'll receive joy from seeing the puppies go to their forever homes and bringing happiness to their new families.  

Thanks for being a part of our family's adventure!  

Brad, Tracy, Morgan, Kennedy,

Taylor & Nolan Cleveringa

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