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"I can't say enough good things about how wonderful Link is and how well he fits into our family!!  He's amazing and has slept through the night without a complaint from night one, was a breeze to potty train and knows so many commands already/loves to please!  Not to mention he is just the sweetest and loved by everyone he meets.  Thanks for such a wonderful dog!"



"We got our girl Etta from Brad and Tracy.  They were so wonderful to work with.  They were very quick to respond, and continually gave photo and informative updates as we waited for the day we could go pick her up.  You can tell they really cared about the well-being of the puppies, and wanted each one to go to the best home for them.  Etta fills our lives with joy; she is such a treasure to watch grow up.  We absolutely love her, and would highly recommend getting a puppy through Rolling Hills Acreage."  


"We just couldn't imagine our lives without Anna and Elsa!!!  They are simply amazing;  incredibly smart, sensitive and quick to learn. They are a pure pleasure."


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